Thursday, April 1, 2010

Recovering from Adepticon

So after Adepticon this past weekend, I'm trying to put myself out there on more of these types of sites, become a part of the larger hobby community and whatnot. Hell, I'm not even on Facebook yet. Though apparently that's going to remedy itself soon as well.

Turns out I'm still recovering from Adepticon though, as the 2 months of working, coming home to spend a few hours with the family, and then working on the Centurions until 2am, wash-rinse-repeat, had landed me in a state of "oh-good-god-get-as-much-sleep-as-possible". I don't think I've ever been this tired :P

Was it worth it? In a word, YES. Not just yes, but HELL YES!

Seriously, the time I had this past weekend was beyond awesome. I got to meet some amazing folks to say the least... of BoLS fame, Darkwynn beat the crud out of me with his Leafblower List in Round One of the Championship and I had an great time being tabled by him, genuine fun guy to play and get to know. Goatboy was more than friendly and a blast to talk to and get to know, BigRed was one of the nicest guys there and lord knows I'm forgetting people that I could friggin draw if I wanted to, but I'm horrible at names. Specifically I'll throw out the guy with the awesome Fez, and the Aussie that happens to be friends with Dave Taylor who was great to spend time with and talk to :)

Heck, I got to geek out and be a fanboy to the BoLS guys who I read daily, Dave Taylor who is a huge hobby inspiration for me, Chris Borer who I wish I could paint like, and Joe Orteza who was beyond friendly, encouraging and seriously made me want to cry in my milk with how simple he made 'sculpting' Green Stuff look. See Joe? I put that in quotes cause I remember, all you're doing is pushing the GS around, not really 'sculpting' :) I listen, I swear! No matter what my wife says!

You know what made the weekend though? The people. Yeah, maybe a corny answer, but the truest one I can give. Everyone, and yeah I mean everyone, that stopped by to talk with me was beyond nice. I got introduced to all kinds of folks, (who by the way, if I haven't mentioned you yet, chime in and kick me... like I said, I'm horrible at name, but I remember faces for years!!!), and I couldn't stop thanking everyone for the compliments on my Centurions. If I just wanted to sit in my basement and model figs, I wouldn't put together armies that make me throw dice and have a blast with everyone.

Long-winded post for sure, but hey, it's late and I can't sleep. I'll post up pics of the Centurions as soon as I finish photographing all of em, but if you want, here's a link to my photobucket that has all the pre-painted shots :)

Until later!


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  1. Fun meeting you are AdeptiCon Tim - and congrats on the deserved win for the Army!