Monday, May 30, 2011

Miniature Tim Launches!

As I had stated in my earlier post, I decided to move forward with my hobby life and with that comes a relaunching of this blog. Well, not this blog. As I also mentioned, I'm going forward with a fresh start, and with that comes a new blog.

I have exported most of Tim's Mini's posts over to there as well so that once you relink over to my new home, you can stay there and the archives will be there too. Not that there was much to start with, but still.

This also means that I'll be much more involved in an online sense, and you should be seeing me through the Warseer forums, BoLS Lounge, Dakka, Work in Progress and Bolter and Chainsword. Not to mention the bevy of blogs that ware out there for all of us to peruse and drink in.

Head on over to Miniature Tim and check out the first official post!

I hope to see everyone at my new blog, and across the interwebs!

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